Doing Good Thru’ Recycling

Dear Residents of Yishun,

Support our fundraising project by donating your newspapers, books, magazines, clothing, curtains and bed sheets!

Bizlink Centre Singapore Ltd, a registered charity and member of NCSS,  serves people with disabilities and disadvantaged, through vocational training and sheltered employment. We are having the Door-to-Door fundraising collections at your estate during December 2016 – January 2017.

Our appointed agency Sembcorp Tay Paper Recycling Pte Ltd, will be at your block for these collections. Please leave your donated items at your doorstep with this flyer attached. Due to manpower constrains, big bulky items will not be collected.

In this festive season, we appeal to you to donate generously all newspapers, books, magazines, clothing, curtains and bed sheets in support of this fundraising project. Your support and contribution will help those in need to rebuild lives through work.

For collection, please contact Ms San San, 9229 5959 or Ms Hui Fang, 8228 6630. For clarifications on project license, please contact Bizlink at 8781 4013 or 8720 4788, or email us at More about Bizlink at



商联中心是一个注册慈善机构, 为弱势群体而服务,主要通过职业培训安置庇护就业,我们将上门为筹款而收集您的衣物。



如需捐赠,请您拨打9229 5959 / 8228 6630与Ms San San/ Ms Hui Fang联系。如需查阅项目许可证,请联系商联中心8781 4013 /                8720 4788。如需了解更多关于商联中心的内容请上我们网站。