Volunteer Management Policy

  1. Definition of a Volunteer
    • A Volunteer performs duties to meet the organization’s needs and is orientated by an authorized staff, prior to the performance of their duties.

  2. Service
    • Volunteer shall act with integrity, honesty and respect at all times. They are expected to align with the charity’s mission and objectives and to serve to promote and advance the mission and objectives of the charity where they volunteer.

  3. Interview & Selection
    • Volunteer is subjected to interview and selection as appropriate for the duties.

  4. Dress Code, Behavior and Conduct
    • Volunteer is responsible for presenting a good image at all times. They are expected to dress appropriately and always maintain an acceptable form of behavior and conduct in their performance of duties.

  5. Respect & Supervision
    • Volunteers shall be treated with respect but may be subjected to supervision when deemed necessary by the Management of Bizlink. They are expected to be respectful to Bizlink’s beneficiaries, employees, other volunteers and to the community.

  6. Matching of Needs
    • Volunteer is viewed as valuable resource to Bizlink. Volunteer’s interest, knowledge and experience shall be best matched to the required duties.

  7. Volunteer Training and Development
    • Volunteer will receive a general orientation on the mission and purpose of the organization, operation of the program, activity or activities. When required, specific training will be provided on the purpose and requirement of the duties.

  8. Performance and Termination
    • Volunteer is expected to be effective in delivering duties assigned to them. Either party (the Volunteer or Bizlink) may mutually consent to terminate the service when service is no longer meaningful.

  9. Confidentiality
    • Volunteer shall keep all information acquired from the charity confidential and not make improper use of such information. This includes, but not limited to, contracts and customers, privileged information such as clients, donors, supporters, volunteers and any documents directly related to the charity.

    • Volunteer shall respect and maintain the confidentiality of individual personal information and shall not make improper use of such information to their interest