Our Team

Our Board of Directors

Dr Victor Fan Tai Weng

Ms Yap Kiat Choo @
Ms Christine Sim


Mr Chua Choy Soon

Mr Tan Hee Teik

Our Organisation Structure

Board Committees Chairpersons

Mr Tan Hee Teik
Audit Committee

Mr Chua Choy Soon
Finance and Investment Committee

Ms Christine Sim
Fund Raising Committee

Ms Christine Sim
Human Resource Committee

Dr Victor Fan
Nomination Committee

Dr Victor Fan
Programmes and Services Committee

Management Team
(from 1st April 2023)

Ms Ang Li May
Chief Executive Officer

Mr Joseph Lee
Head, Community-based Day Facility and Service Enterprises, IT

Ms Jacqueline DeCosta
Head, Client Support & Fulfilment Enterprises

Ms Rachel Ong
Head, Creative Enterprises

Mr Lam Kheng Chong
Head, Community Partnership, Corporate Communications and Employability Preparation

Mr Tim Yeo
Head, Finance, HR & Admin