Creative – Gifts & Design

Since its inception back in 1985, under the brand name “These Abled People”, the Gifts & Design Social Enterprise continues to equip its beneficiaries with craft skills, such as designing, sewing, and copper tooling – beyond this, it has developed and expanded its product portfolio in many ways.

Over the years, Gifts & Design has successfully carved out a niche in the handcrafted gifts industry through the provision of an array of professionally crafted gifts, such as:

  • Hand-Painted Glassware
  • Stationery
  • Textile Craft
  • Copper Tooling Plaque
  • Enhanced Plush

You can find out more or place your order at our website:

DID: 6249 8143

Our specialisations includes

  • Corporate Gifts & Premium
  • Handcrafted Gifts (eg. Textile sewing, copper tooling plaques, glass painting craft)
  • Design Services (eg. Brochure, banner, logo design)
  • Greeting Cards & E-cards (Birthday Cards, Season Greeting Cards, Thank You cards etc.)
  • Festive Packets