Board Policy

  1. There are terms of reference set out for the Bizlink Centre Board of Directors and each of the Board Committees.
    • The terms of reference included the purpose, organisation, roles and responsibilities, and term limits of appointment of the Bizlink Centre Board Directors and the Board Committees

  2. There are governing policy and procedure with regards to:
    1. Board selection, recruitment, and induction including but not limited to:
      • The selection criteria
        • Quantitative (e.g. skills and expertise)
        • Qualitative (e.g. alignment to Bizlink Centre’s cause)
        • Other Considerations (e.g. Board Diversity)
      • candidate participation through giving and volunteering over a period of time at the Bizlink Centre organised activities and events
    2. Board nomination and re-nomination
      • The membership of Bizlink Centre’s Board is set out in accordance to the Memorandum of Association and Terms of Reference of the Bizlink Board of Directors
    3. Conduct of annual Board evaluation
      • The Board Directors conduct an annual evaluation of Board effectiveness

  3. The Bizlink Centre’s corporate strategy and workplan would be approved by the Board Directors.