Sheltered Workshop Programme

This programme provides a conducive on-the-job training environment specifically designed to develop work and social skills of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and prepare them for gradual transition into employment.

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Work Therapy Programme

This programme provides Persons with Disabilities with a range of activities that contributes to lifelong learning, skills development and opportunities for building social relationships.

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Day Activity Centre (DAC)

This programme provides daily care services and activities for persons with disabilities, as well as equip them with skills for independence.

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Vocational Assessment Service

While offering our assistance and counselling, we evaluates each individual’s strengths and weaknesses to determine their work capacity for any potential job opportunities available in our sheltered workshop training or social enterprises.

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Admission Criteria

  • Must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident

(For Permanent Residents, at least one immediate family member must be a Singapore Citizen. Immediate family member refers to spouses, parents, children of the applicant, including step-parents and step-children.)

  • Have a permanent disability

(Including Physical/Intellectual with IQ less than 70, Developmental/Hearing Impairment/Visual)

  • From the age of 18 years and above

Train-and-Place Programmes and Workshops

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Caregiver Support Programme