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About 5% of Singapore population are disabled. Many have difficulties finding jobs. Lend them a helping hand by telling us your requirements.

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Seek us for employment opportunities or job related supports. Get empowered today. Your first step – go through our vocational assessment. Outsource your data entry, product packing or assembly work to our sheltered workshop. You can lower your business cost and achieve corporate social responsibility at the same time! One in twenty-five people in Singapore are disabled and have difficulties finding job. Lend them a helping hand by telling us your requirements. Have trouble finding gifts or cards for your loved ones? Find them at our e-shop and help encourage our production team of people with disabilities.


Facts and Myths about People with Disabilities

PWDs are often misunderstood at work. Find out what are the facts and myths.
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How To Work with Disabled Colleagues

Often as colleagues to PWDs we do not know what is sensitive to ask and what is not. Here are some tips…
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Why we are different

Bizlink has a full suite of employment services from vocational assessment to job coaching and job placement for both open employment and sheltered employment.
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Register for Vocational Assessment

If you are a Person with Disability and wish to enroll for Bizlink’s Vocational Assessment Services, you can register online here.
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