iBizlink Movement

iBizlink Movement is a Bizlink public relations initiative. It involves the recruitment of like-minded people from the larger communities comprising businesses and corporations to foster support for the mission to connect PWDs with employers to met the former’s needs economically and socially. Named Bizlinkers, they help uphold the Bizlinkers’ creed. Since March 2006, the iBizlink Movement has gained wide community network comprising politicians and friends of Bizlink.

Bizlinkers’ Creed

  1. Jobs provide not only income to people disabilities but also independence, dignity and integration into mainstream society.
  2. People with disabilities have various degrees of abilities. These abilities may be tapped to fulfill job requirements through open or sheltered employment.
  3. People with disabilities working in supported and sheltered employment can only get employed with the immediate and tireless help of the community made up of you and me.