Testimonial 2

testimonial_2_inSteve Chan lost his hearing at the tender age of one when he suffered a fall. He lost his balance and fell down the stairs from the 2nd floor which has approximately 20 steps. Steve came to Bizlink to seek employment assistance when his contract with his employer expired in 2006.

Bizlink was able to match Steve to a job as a Business Analyst. Although Steve had no experience in this position, he was willing to learn. His employer was patient and willing to spend time training him. The effort and perseverance from Steve has helped him to acquire the skills needed for the job.

The employer was so pleased with Steve’s good attitude, eagerness to learn and being responsible in work that he was subsequently promoted to be a Senior Analyst.

Quotation from Steve
Steve said. “Being disabled does not stop me from pursuing the challenges of learning new things. The most important is the willingness to learn and be disciplined to achieve one’s goal. I will always want to prove myself as a valuable employee.”