Cards & Gifts

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Since its inception back in 1985, under the brand name “These Abled People”, the Cards & Gifts Social Enterprise continues to equip its beneficiaries with craft skills, such as designing, sewing, and copper tooling – beyond this, it has developed and expanded its product portfolio in many ways.

Over the years, C&G has successfully carved out a niche in the handcrafted gifts industry through the provision of an array of professionally crafted gifts, such as:

  • Hand-Painted Glasswares
  • Stationery
  • Textile Craft
  • Copper Tooling Plaques
  • Enhanced Plush

Various craft making workshops were also conducted regularly for corporates and the public, where trainers with disabilities train participants in craft making skills such as the creation of mini posies pots, eco-friendly stationery craft, and painting of tealight holders.

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We also run an annual season’s greeting cards project called “Buy Cards, Create Jobs for the Disabled”. This project has the primary focus to generate jobs and create income for artists, designers, administrators, telemarketers and packers. Our range of items promoted during this season includes:

  • Printed cards
  • E-Cards
  • Red Packets / Festive Packets
  • Calendars
  • Festive Gift Bags