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Objectives of Program:

  • To assist PWDs to secure job placements in the open market
  • To provide job support and follow-up services to enable the disabled employee to adapt and adjust well to the work environment

Who Can Benefit From the Program:

This service is only meant for people with disability.

Employers who have manpower needs can consider this pool of workers.

How the Program is Conducted:

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  • Bizlink’s placement officers work closely with employers to understand job scopes, the work environment, and to address issues with relevant staff who work together with the disabled individual. They will also look into building safety and accessibility of facilities such as transportation.
  • Interviews are arranged with employers once potential candidates are matched with jobs. Placement officers also ensure that reasonable terms and conditions of employment are discussed.
  • Once a job match is complete, Bizlink’s placement officers will ensure the newly employed PWDs are transited smoothly into the job by providing one to two weeks of job coaching and orientation.
  • Employers are also advised on work station modification and assistive devices, and the application of available funds that facilitate the employment of PWDs.

Admission Criteria:

  • Must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Have a permanent disability
  • From the age of 16 years and above

How to sign up:

  • For job seeker, please click here.
  • For employer who wish to post a job, please click here.

Who to contact

For more information, please email to info@bizlink.org.sg or fax to 6449 5694. Call us at 6449 5652.