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Objectives of the Program:

Bizlink Day Activity Centre (DAC) provides activities and services to equip adults with disabilities with skills to maximise their independence. The activities we conduct promote the development of cognitive, social, communication, language, and motor skills. We encourage physical activities through play.  We cater to persons aged 18 and above who are unable to take up open employment or attend sheltered workshops. Our services allow respite for caregivers and gives them the flexibility to pursue work and other interests while being able to rest assured that their loved ones are well taken care of.


Who Can Benefit From The Program:

  1. Persons with Disabilities, with varying physical, mental, sensory, intellectual and learning disabilities.
  2. Persons with Disabilities who are unable to benefit from the Sheltered Workshop program due to the nature of their disabilities.

How the Program is Conducted:

DAC program includes the following 5 core components:

1. Pre-vocational skills training-

  • Training focused on the development of generic work skills that are needed for sheltered employment, such as punctuality, concentration on tasks and cooperation with co-workers.

2. Physical maintenance-

  • Regular physical training and rehabilitation programmes to strengthen existing physical functions and to limit physical deterioration.

3. Community Living skills training-

  • Training in skills that enable our clients to live independently in his/her home and community, e.g. taking public transport, coping with emergencies, visit to the library, etc;

4. Activities of daily living skills training-

  • Training in self-care activities such as feeding, dressing, personal hygiene etc.

5. Caregiver Support-

  • Regular updates on progress of loved ones enrolled at our DAC, support services and assistance services.

Admission Criteria:

  • A Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident of any race, language and religion.
  • Clients should be aged 18 years and above on admission to the program.
  • Clients must be certified free from infectious diseases.

How to Sign Up:

Call to register for an interview at 64495652 or email to DAC@bizlink.org.sg.