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About Getting Involved

Every little effort that you contribute will help to:

  • Provide better support for beneficiaries receiving our various programmes and services.
  • Bring Cherries of Smiles on their faces each day.
  • Show appreciation that there are people out there like YOU who cares for them.

You Can Make A Difference to the Lives of these Needy Disadvantaged


How Can I be Involved?

As an Individual:

  1. Skills-based: To tap on your own skills and knowledge to volunteer and provide training or interactivity to Bizlink’s beneficiaries and staff.
  2. Specific Project: To assist in the development of Bizlink’s employment creation projects for the needy disadvantaged. Example: Project Cookies, Project Books and fund raising activities.
  3. Public Education: To promote Disability awareness to the public for inclusion in the workforce. Plan and undertake/support public awareness projects. Example: outreach program, public education events and publicity campaigns organized by Bizlink.
  4. Bizlink’s Ambassador: To conduct tours at Bizlink to advance Bizlink’s employment cause for the needy disadvantaged.
  5. Refer a Beneficiary: To refer persons with disabilities seeking employment assistance.

As a Corporate:

  1. Refer a Job: To provide employment opportunities for our needy disadvantaged clients.
  2. Outsource Jobs: To outsource business processes to Bizlink for our group of beneficiaries to work at the sheltered workshop. For more information, email us at
  3. Buy a gift: To visit our gifts and cards website ( for your corporate functions.
  4. Organise a CSR visit: To provide your employees the experience of a diversity and inclusion environment such as working alongside with person with disability.

As a School/an Institution:

  1. Organise a visit: To provide students the education and awareness of a diversity and inclusion environment within the mainstream society in Singapore.

Volunteer with Us:

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Bizlink Centre Singapore Ltd! We are a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the disadvantaged individuals, in particular persons with disabilities, through training and employment in Singapore. Bizlink welcomes you as our volunteer and we hope that you will find this volunteering experience rewarding!

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    **The personal data above is private and confidential, Bizlink Centre Singapore Ltd will not disclose your personal data to other third parties/for other purpose.