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These Abled People Gifts E-Shop

Why Shop at These Abled People Gift E-Shop?

  • Wide assortments of gifts at the Gift E-Shop
  • Specially crafted by People with Disabilities (PWDs) and Needy, Disadvantaged People (NDP)
  • Part of proceeds pay for the workmanship of each craft – keeps PWDs and NDPs engaged meanfully.

Highlights of These Abled People’s Gift Ideas:

Custom-made Corporate Gifts: Plaques and Stationery

gift_idea1 gift_idea2 gift_idea3 gift_idea4 gift_idea5








Handcrafted Glasswares:

glassware_1 glassware_2 glassware_3





Floral Bouquets and Gift Hampers:

gift_humper_1 gift_humper_2 gift_humper_3 floral_bonq_1 floral_bonq_2 floral_bonq_3








Enhanced Plush:

enchance_plush_1 enchance_plush_2 enchance_plush_3





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